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ARRI Announces New Features for ALEXA SXT

More than ever before, ALEXA offers the best overall image quality and efficient workflow with the SXT cameras. By striking a perfect balance between pixel size and resolution, ALEXA SXT produces beautiful images in HD, 2K and 4K, while also delivering the highest dynamic range of any camera in the market. Not only does ALEXA SXT meet the resolution needs of 4K and UHD distribution with easy workflows, it is also uniquely well-equipped to create content that will take fullest advantage of emerging HDR (High Dynamic Range) display technologies. In addition, the ability to record at up to 120 fps in full image quality means that HFR (High Frame Rate) approaches to enhancing viewer experience can also be accommodated. The continually increasing popularity of anamorphic shooting is best served by ALEXA’s unique tall sensor and the new anamorphic recording formats offered in the SXT.

New recording formats

Whatever the budget, intended market, resolution requirements, aspect ratio, lens choices or postproduction intentions, there is an ideal ALEXA SXT recording format to ensure easy operation on-set and a seamless image pipeline. ALEXA SXT cameras offer a total of 14 recording formats, including the following new modes:

ProRes 2K and 4K Cine Anamorphic

These ‘plug-and-play’ options offer the most economical route to the best overall image quality with anamorphic lenses. The camera creates a ready-to-view ProRes image in the 2K or 4K DCI delivery format, with no debayer, cropping, re-scaling or de-squeezing needed in post.

Open Gate ProRes 3.4K

Open Gate with a lower data rate. Combines the immediacy, speed and economy of ProRes with the resolution advantages of Open Gate.


Offers the largest pixel raster that also fits inside the image circle of most ARRI Super 35 PL mount lenses and reaches 120 fps. Less of a data load than 4K, but enough resolution for padding or up-sampling.

More flexibility for on-set monitoring

ALEXA SXT now features four independent monitoring outputs, catering to the needs of different people on set. Each output has completely independent settings such as: image processing, surround view, status info, peaking, and false color.

The color range captured by ALEXA is larger than that needed for Rec 709 or Rec 2020 output, so ALEXA SXT allows an independent Rec 709 or Rec 2020 setting for each MON OUT. While ALEXA recording has been HDR since 2010, the ALEXA SXT is now prepared for HDR monitoring on set.

ALEXA SXT cameras have new components that include electronics and image processing from the ALEXA 65, as well as color management and noise reduction from the AMIRA. They share the same qualities as previous ALEXA cameras, but offer far more versatile recording and monitoring options, improved look management and better imaging hardware and software for enhanced image quality. A new media bay supports larger and faster SXR Capture Drives but is also backwards compatible with existing media. Interface enhancements include a single speed mode that makes frame rate changes faster and an improved new web remote.