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TVU VR: For Virtual Reality Live Video Transmission

Virtual Reality is a user immersive experience that holds the potential of transforming the way video content is viewed. Currently, there has been a significant amount of focus on the research and development of the capturing and displaying of a virtual reality experience. However, the transmission of VR between capture and display is also important, and the lack of mobile transmitting options supporting virtual reality needs to be addressed for larger adoption of use in sports, major events and news. TVU VR was developed to tackle larger scale adoption.

Using TVU’s proprietary Inverse StatMux Plus (IS+) technology, TVU VR is able to stream live virtual reality content to any VR headset. TVU VR features live ultra-high definition, full frame rate and 360-degree fully immersive video. It can even transmit in a moving vehicle like a car or train. With TVU VR, you can give your viewer the feeling they are being teleported to an actual location and into the middle of an event – concert, sporting event or news incident. With the ability to transmit live video, TVU VR delivers a true and convincing feeling of being teleported to the actual location, allowing broadcasters to put their viewers in the middle of the event, such as concerts, sports or news. TVU VR has the power to transport the viewer to anywhere in the world – in real-time, virtually.

Source: TVU Networks