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Next generation technology from FOR-A

The FA-9600 is a dual channel frame synchronizer, SDR/HDR processor and converter. This multipurpose signal processors offer essential features for emerging trends in video production. Offering exceptional conversion format delivery including 12G, 4K, UHD, 1080p and SD/HD. Extremely versatile and easy to use. Build with the high reliability in mind. The FA-9600 is the ideal device for any HD transition to 4K UHD.

The MCC-4K is a universal standards converter providing exceptional quality frame rate and format conversion for UHD/3G/HD signals. MCC-4K offers support for quad link 3G-SDI of two-Sample Interleaved (2SI) or Square Division (SQD) format as well as single link 12G/6G-SDI and SFP connectivity. MCC-4K is ideal for live frame rate conversion applications, where UHD content sourced at a chosen production frame rate needs to be converted to other frame rates for international contribution and distribution. International sports, concerts, breaking news and current affairs can all be simply and impeccably converted to the desired output format and frame rate.

HVS-490, Newest production switcher

Leveraging the creative power of the HANABI series the HVS-490 switcher inherits key technology of HVS-2000 and HVS-390HS while opening the door to even more affordable 4K production. Exclusive MELite™ technology extends the switcher’s 2 M/Es to offer 6 M/E performance.*1 Expand your switching capabilities even more by assigning FLEXaKEY™ or feature rich 2.5D DVE, for compositing with up to 12 keyers. Take advantage of this truly broad range of switching in live production.

*1 Using an optional HVS-49IO card. In 4K mode, 1 M/E + 1 MELite is available.

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