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VSN brings to IBC the first End-to-End solution in the Cloud

The company bets once again on Cloud technology and will present during IBC 2017 trade show a complete End-to-End solution where all its solutions work together and run on top of this technology, which makes it the first company that offers this possibility to its customers.

Thanks to the implementation of four VSN’s systems in the Cloud (VSNOneTV, VSNCreaTV, VSNExplorer and VSNWebTV), the technology company will allow now broadcast and media companies to manage and broadcast all their content and files anywhere anytime, just by having an internet connection available.

Thus, the new workflow in the Cloud offered by VSN will provide users with a broader access to all sorts of daily tasks, from programming scheduling to media recovery and its delivery to the video servers until its broadcast through multiple screens. All this in the Cloud.

In addition, this kind of installation offer other advantages, such as the scalability of the cloud technology that can always be adapted to the companies, depending on their current or needs.

In the same way, this End-to-End solution in the Cloud allows users to save costs comparing to a similar work environment based on on-premise equipment, thanks to its new pay-per-use model. Furthermore, it avoids the installation of all those systems separately and reduces maintenance costs and time of deployment, as it does not depend on other physical components.


This End-to-End solution on Cloud involves VSNCreaTV scheduling software, where the rundowns are created. Subsequently, VSNExplorer BPM system leads the action, automatically detecting all the content that needs to be broadcasted from the previous programming lists.

Content retrieval will be also a task developed by VSNExplorer software, a system that locates material and sends it to the video server, regardless of the location of content (online or even offline locations, such as deep archive). If necessary, VSNExplorer also transcodes all assets to the broadcast format of each channel and in addition, it sends an e-mail alert if an asset is not available in any location.

In the video server of VSN’s Channel-in-a-Box (CiaB) system, called VSNOneTV, all the material is stored and the rundowns generated by VSNCrea TV automatically loaded. Moreover, this CiaB can complete playout tasks and graphics before or even during broadcasting.

VSNOneTV can manage the broadcast of several channels simultaneously in streaming and send content to any sort of Web TV platform, such as VSNWebTV. It can also broadcast through traditional TV channels simultaneously, thanks to an H.264 decoder over TCP / IP network that is in charge of transcoding the signal into a SD-SDI or HD-SDI format.

Regarding its Video on Demand (VoD) features, content already cataloged under different dynamic streaming profiles (180p, 240p, 360i, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K, etc …) can be distributed thanks to VSNExplorer to any VoD platform or even make it reach to any other channels for content distribution, such as social networks.

Finally, thanks to this advanced Cloud workflow users will have access to analytical reports thanks to the VSNExplorer BI module, in order to analyze their broadcasts’ performance and content monetization. These reports can be generated by default or be totally customized, according to the parameters and data selected by the user and extracted directly from all VSN’s systems involved in this workflow.