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Dalet introduces the latest version of its MAM Galaxy platform at IBC

Dalet, a leading provider of solutions and services for media organizations and content professionals, today announced that it will showcase the latest version of its flagship Dalet Galaxy five platform for Media Asset Management (MAM) and Workflow Orchestration, along with two major product introductions: the Dalet Media Cortex AI services and the Dalet OnePlay new-generation studio automation solution, at the upcoming IBC2018 exhibition held in Amsterdam from September 14–18, 2018 (stand 8.B77).

“Today’s media businesses need to become more data-driven and build new paths to go direct to their consumers,” comments Arnaud Elnecave, vice president of marketing, Dalet. “This starts with a strategic investment in an open, agile technology platform with core workflow orchestration capabilities that enables a cohesive, agile digital media supply chain and puts content personalization at the forefront of the workflow design.” Elnecave elaborates, “The new products we announce at IBC2018 tackle strategic areas of your operations, bringing the entire value proposition of Dalet Galaxy five yet a level higher for your business.

A nominee alongside Euronews for the coveted IBC2018 Innovation Awards content creation category, Dalet will showcase the new version of the market-leading Dalet Galaxy five MAM and Workflow Orchestration platform, introducing the following major enhancements:

Orchesreared AI Services for Media Workflows

Dalet Media Cortex introduces tailored, managed cognitive services that will maximize the usability and effectiveness of your content at every step of its life cycle.

Modern automated Studio Production

Dalet OnePlay will augment shows by further optimizing the operational efficiency of your productions while enabling a much richer and personalized multiplatform experience for audiences.”

Cloud, Remote Editing and IMF Workflows

In addition to the new AI and studio automation product introductions, Dalet Galaxy five features several important enhancements that will be showcased at IBC. For hybrid on-premises and cloud deployments, the platform offers auto-scaling capabilities to balance infrastructure load and optimize costs. This new feature allows selected media processes to scale up and down automatically, according to a combination of process predictions, business rules and real-time demand.

Dalet will also showcase new remote editing capabilities that leverage the AWS infrastructure as a service resource. Dalet OneCut editors - such as journalists working in the field - can connect to the central bureau or facility to search and browse content, seamlessly mix it on their timeline with locally stored content (even in offline mode), and offload the rendering to the central site. Elnecave adds, “The real advantage of leveraging AWS for remote editing is in the user experience. For editors connecting from the field or from another facility, the combination of S3 storage and Cloudfront gives a much more efficient workflow and a more fluid editing UX.”

A pioneer of component-based workflows, including IMF workflows industrialization, Dalet Galaxy five creates real business opportunities for global distribution. Key Dalet Galaxy five MAM and Orchestration functionality stores rich technical metadata, with workflow design tools, to automate IMF processes such as complex CPLs creation/rendering and supplemental IMF Packages management. Shown at IBC are new Dalet WebSpace tools for preview, review and approval of all objects of an IMF package, including the CPL, with a glance at the Video Timeline available on any web client, eliminating the need for mastering tools.