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ARRI takes over artemis camera stabilization systems

After NAB 2016, ARRI became the sole global provider of sales and service for the Artemis range of camera stabilizers from Artemfrom Sachtler/ Vitec Group.

The modular artemis system is highly regarded by professional camera operators and widely used on film and television productions all over the world.

The groundbreaking artemis system ,Trinity, consists of a compact and lightweight two-axis gimbal head, a monitor mount and joystick that attach to the gimbal handle, a battery hanger module and a pendulum that allows perfect ‘drop down’ moves. The modular design permits customized solutions and simple integration into existing workflows.

Trinity stands out from other systems by combining well-established mechanical camera stabilization with modern, 32 bit ARM-based gimbal technology. This combination enables uniquely fluid, wide-ranging and precisely controlled movements for unrestricted shot-making and total creative freedom.

Additional stabilization in the roll axis of the Trinity head permits the use of telephoto lenses and the joystick-controlled, fully-stabilized tilt axis allows low-angle or over-the-shoulder shots, as well as smooth, in-shot transitions between low mode and high mode.

While Trinity works especially well in a compact configuration with the ALEXA Mini, its 30 kg / 66lb. maximum payload and height adjustability mean that larger cameras and heavy lenses can also be supported. Film cameras such as the ARRIFLEX 235 and 416 are easily accommodated.

Like ARRI cameras, artemis products are made in Munich, Germany, to exacting standards of precision, build quality and reliability.

ARRI is also taking over sales of the Maxima as a stand-alone gimbal, along with all other system components.

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